You've been trapped in time prison! Oh no! But a hero has come to save you: You! In this co-op puzzle platformer, you take the role of a time-criminal who's gone back in time to free his past self from time-prison. However, due to the strict laws of time, only one of you can move at a once. Use this simple mechanic to solve interesting platforming challenges by freezing your partner at just the right moment.

We recommend playing this game Co-op, however, it is 100% playable singleplayer!


WASD - Move P1

Arrow Keys - Move P2


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Yes! We did it! Me and my brother finally defeated the last level!

Congratulations! I wish I spent more time balancing the last level, but you should know that you are one out of like three people to actually complete it! (I'm one of the Devs and I haven't even beaten it yet...)

Oh, cool!